Oil Seed Preparation

Mectech employs the following milling techniques for seed preparation

Roller Mill

The seeds are crushed into tiny particles in these mills. The process involves preparation of oil seeds prior to direct solvent extraction.

Flaking Mill

Oil seeds need to be flaked to ensure profitable extraction. This process disintegrates the cellular structure of seeds. The equipment is fitted with smooth rolls, suitable for flaking oil seeds or cakes prior to solvent extraction.


This equipment is designed to condition the seed for better extraction by heating and adjusting moisture content to optimum level.


Extrudes the flakes to increase the bulk density of the material, thereby enhancing the percolation of hexane circulation within any raw material to improve the extract ability.

Seed cooking & flaking

Milling of oil implies the breaking down of the oil seed into a form ideal for efficient extraction of oil. It is not only economical but also environment friendly to extract optimally. Various processes are combined to achieve this.


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    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


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