Shri Raghunath Sahai Charitable Trust

Having made contributions to society for the past 19 years

Providing funding to more than 500 institutions

Independently generating over one million USD

Offering Medical Aid to impoverished individuals

Old Age Ashrams

The world turns dim when parents pass away during childhood. Struggling to comprehend why this tragedy has befallen them, they incessantly ask, "Why me?" However, no one responds or shows concern. Increasingly, new diseases like HIV and other viruses, as well as pollution, are leaving behind large numbers as orphans. Emotional and behavioral issues proliferate among orphans, particularly those who are emotionally vulnerable, insecure, and impoverished. They become susceptible to abuse, exploitation, and neglect, yearning for the love and parental care they lack.

Numerous groups have stepped forward with open arms, working tirelessly to support these orphans. The Shri Raghunath Sahai Charitable Trust provides financial assistance and creates numerous opportunities for orphans to seamlessly integrate into society as valuable members.

Women Empowerment

Women in India constitute one of the most disadvantaged social groups, not only consistently trailing behind men in various aspects but also facing significant discrimination, often within their own families. Despite these challenges, their contribution is indispensable for the survival of families. When a self-help group comprising disadvantaged women and girls initiated endeavors like clothing stitching and embroidery to generate income, the Shri Raghunath Sahai Charitable Trust wholeheartedly supported them. The trust provided encouragement and motivation, urging them to persevere in their efforts to bolster their family's income and triumph over the struggle for survival.

The RSCT (Shri Raghunath Sahai Charitable Trust) has played an instrumental role, not only through financial contributions but also through substantial investments in education and educational institutions. Beyond substantial financial support, the RSCT has directly aided by facilitating the acquisition of sewing machines and fabric designs, and has even generated direct employment opportunities through collaborative projects with Mectech Knițabs.

Notably, the RSCT has demonstrated a dedicated focus on the well-being of women, children, and widows, making significant contributions to various aspects of their welfare.

Medical Aid for Impoverished Individuals

Poverty is akin to a malady that gives rise to a multitude of ailments. While health issues often stem from insufficient nourishment, unsanitary water and air, the dearth of financial resources further exacerbates the problem. Certain remedies for chronic illnesses carry exorbitant costs, rendering them unattainable. Additionally, there are ailments demanding specialized care from advanced medical facilities, intricate equipment, and proficient medical teams.

In this scenario, the Shri Raghunath Sahai Charitable Trust stands unwaveringly beside the indigent and the ailing. The Trust takes steps to transport impoverished individuals to hospitals and secure hospital accommodations for them. Through the donation of ambulances, the Trust facilitates timely medical interventions. Furthermore, the RSCT extends significant contributions to ensure that the underprivileged have access to essential medical treatments.


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