Spling is the process through which the triglyceride hydrolysis is carried out, breaking up the molecules to obtain fay acid and glycerine.

The mechanism of this reacon goes through three steps – the triglyceride is successively transformed into diglyceride, monoglyceride and glycerine, liberang fay acid in each step. Mectech has built several plants for thermal pressure spling of fats and oils with water into fay acid and glycerine. It is a simple economical process and does not pollute the environment. Mectech provides Fat Spling Plant ranging in capacity from 30 – 1000 TPD.

Process Description

  • The connuous, counter-current, high pressure fat- spling process is the most efficient of the current methods of fat hydrolysis. The high temperature and pressure used permit short reacon me. Full counter-current flow of water and oil produces a high degree of spling without the need of a catalyst. The spling tower is at the heart of the process.
  • The Process water is introduced from the top and flows down through the connuous up-flowing oil phase. This is then dispersed with efficient distributors at the top and aer regular intervals to ensure a MINIMUM SPLITTING DEGREE OF 99%.

High pressure steam (60 bar g) is injected into the spling tower at 3 points.

Boom Steam

To bring input oil to temperature of spling column, provide heat for reacon, and solubilisaon need against heat from outgoing sweet water.

Middle Steam

Provide heat of reacon, maintain the opmum temperature for the spling reacon.

Top Steam

To bring water to temperature of the spling column, need against heat from outgoing Crude Fay Acid and heat of water de-solubilisaon.

Split fay acids exits from the top of the spling tower and sweet water from the boom

Mectech Advantage

  • This is a Single Tower Design
  • Our splier working at the modern pressures of 50 - 55 bar G gives high degree of spling 99%
  • Distributors are placed strategically that redistribute the two phases that allow us to achieve this level of spling efficiently.
  • The splier design has internal heat exchangers for heat recovery of outgoing streams.
  • The splier volume allows for 4 hours of residence me in order to fully complete the spling.
  • This secon in our plant includes Pre-Concentrators to recover heat from the Flash Steam so that the sweet concentraon from the process is in the range of 26–30% rather than the 10–11% that is obtained in older technology systems. Furthermore, heat is also recovered from the outgoing products.

Fat Splitting

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