Double Scrubbing

Double Scrubbing System to improve FFA of fay acid disllate

This system is included in the Deodorizaon system to improve the FFA of Fay Acid Disllate. FFA of fay acid disllate in palm oil deodorizaon is about 88-89%.


  • The FFA increases to 93-94% with the addion of Double Scrubbing System.

Close Loop Water Cooling for Deodoriser

The close loop water cooling system is introduced in the Deodorizer and has the following advantages:


  • It resolves the issue of odour polluon due to dirty water cooling tower. The process renders only clean water cooling tower for use, eliminang the use of dirty water tower.
  • Generaon of effluent water is minimized.
  • Use of 7°C cooling water in Barometric Condensers of Vacuum System reduces the steam consumpon considerably.


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