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Palm Olein To Super Olein

MecKlear Gravity Filter is the latest innovation in filtration by Mectech. In this, the filtration process takes place at low pressures thereby restricting the passage of stearin particles in the filtered oil. The fractionated oil after filtration through the MecKlear Gravity Filter is better as compared to the results obtained from filter being used in prasently in the industry. The Mecklear filter ensures removal of stearin in a more scientific way while maintaining quality of olein and stearin.


MecKlear Gravity Filter suitable for making Super Olein of 4-5oC CP (Cloud Point) from Palm Olein by crystallization and filtration.

Technical Specification

MecKlear Gravity Filter can be supplied with a filtration area varying from 100 M2 to 400 M2

Utilities :
Air 0.5 bar pressure
Steam 3 bar pressure
Water for filter cooling 0 to 32oC
Range of filteration tem perature 10oC to 20oC
Working pressure 0.1 Bar (g) to 0.5 Bar (g)

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