Mectech not just manufacture & supply the plant to its customers, but also guide its prospective customers from the very first day of interaction to choose the right technology, project and capacity based on the viability & availability of resource of the client, so that the project is successful and the customer can prosper.

Once the order is received the following activities are undertaken for providing the customer a quality project as per the industrial requirement, for maintaining and stand by the Performance Guarantee of the project offered by us in our offer

  • Project Planning
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Drawing & Designing of the Project
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Standardization of product
  • Training of customers Factory personnel
  • Supply of Spare Parts as an when required by our client
  • Manufacturing Time Table for the project prepared for maintaining the schedule time of dispatch
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Allocation of Factory for the Specific Project
  • After Sales services
  • Providing Layout Plan, Hydrofil Drawing , P&ID to our customers for their commissioning readiness
  • Quality Check
    • In House &
    • Through Third Party Inspectiont

Installation Supervision

We recognize the fact, that after supply of the plant INSTALLATION is very important for successful running of the plant to achieve the desired output. For the said reason to ensure successful commissioning, we send our most experienced Commissioning supervisors . During their stay at the sight, they not just supervise the entire commissioning job, but provide training to the local plant operators /engineers, about the nitigrity of the plant, functioning of the same and also how to handle and resolve any operating issues of the plant in case of emergency.

Commissioning Support

After the successful Installation, under our supervision, our engineers COMISSION the plant, check each and every parameters as per the guarantees provided, once they are satisfied with the running of the plant , and operative mechanisms, they hand over the plant to our customers. During this time, in front of the customer & his technical team, our engineer, runs the plant, show them that the plant is running, maintaining all operative parameters & finally also shows that the output coming out from the plant is achieving the guarantees offered by us at the time of finalization of the project.

Once the customer is happy with the running of the plant and is satisfied with the Guarantees achieved, then only they provide our Engineers the letter of Satisfaction for the successful commissioning of the plant . On receipt of the letter of satisfaction our engineers leaves the site

After Sales Support

We have a dedicated After Sales Team , to provide any technical support to our customers, as and when they seek our help. After understanding the problem of our customers in details, technically, we assign one of our best technician/ engineer to attend the customer & resolve the issue . In general within 48 hrs of receipt of the customers complain action is taken.


We supply spare parts to our clients as and when requested . We act very swiftly in attending our customers and provide them the solution. On receipt of the request, our technical team talk with the customer and try to ascertain the actual requirement of the spares and on confirmation, immediately send the required spare parts to our customers.


    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


    We provide best in class engineering services for your plant


    From the design stage to operation of your plant and beyond, we are there


    Constantly innovate to meet the changing industrial requirement of the customer with the changing market dynamics