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Solvent Extraction Plant


The extraction plant comprises of extraction De-solventizing Toaster, a Distillation System and a Solvent Recovery System. The extractor enables removal of the solvent from the meal, toasts the meal to maintain inherent nutrition, and stabilizes its moisture as well as temperature. This equipment is efficiently designed to achieve the best of performance in terms of quality of oil, quality of DOC, consumption of utilities and hexane loss.

Solvent extraction is a multi-level process used to extract oil from the seeds by use of a solvent. Post milling, the meal is ready, which means that the seed has been improved to a form which enhances its surface area for solvent absorption. This meal is transferred to the extractor, where it comes in contact with hexane (solvent). The oil meal and miscella are the outputs which are further processed and distilled for optimum extraction of oil and solvent removal.

solvent extraction plant

solvent extraction

solvent extraction plant manufacturers

Solvent extraction plant comprises of the following:

  • Seed Preparation: Roller mill / Flaking mill / Cooker-Conditioner / Expander-Extruder
  • Roller Mill: Used in the preperation of oilseeds prior to direct solvent extraction.
  • Cookers-Conditioner: Designed to condition the seed for better extraction by heating and adjusting moisture content to optimum level.
  • Flaking Mill: Fitted with smooth rolls particularly suitable for flaking oilseeds or cakes prior to solvent extraction.
  • Solvent Extraction: MECTECH's belt type horizontal extractor, desolventising toaster, distillation system and heat recovery system are so efficiently designed as to give the best of performance in terms of quality of oil, quality of DOC, consumption of utilities and hexane loss.

solvent extraction process


  • Latest continuous belt type extractor with multi-spray system.
  • Multi-Stage DTDC De-Solventizing toaster to achieve the best quality of DOC, suitable for export.
  • Multi-Stage Distillation System and Solvent recovery system to minimize the solvent losses and to have the final oil with the optimum flash point.


Mectech is one of the leading Solvent Extraction Plant manufacturers & suppliers in India and abroad.The strides made by Mectech in solvent extraction technology have resulted in achieving very high efficiency. Adapting to the latest technology of extraction equipment, this process involves low hexane loss. Continuous Solvent extraction plants designed and supplied by Mectech are the most efficient and economical in processing cost.

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