Mango Kernel Oil Process

Mango kernel oil is a valuable by-product of the mango fruit processing industry, with a wide range of applications in the cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The oil is extracted from the mango kernel, which contains about 7-10% oil by weight.

Mango Kernel Oil Extraction Process

The first step in the mango kernel oil extraction process is the separation of the kernel from the fruit pulp. This is typically done by hand or by using a mechanical separator. Once the kernels are separated, they are cleaned and dried to reduce their moisture content. The dried kernels are then ground into a fine powder using a grinder or a hammer mill. The powder is then heated in a steam-jacketed kettle to release the oil from the kernel. The oil is then separated from the solid residue using a hydraulic press or an expeller.

Mango Kernel Oil Refinery Process

The crude mango kernel oil obtained from the extraction process contains impurities such as free fatty acids, pigments, and other contaminants. To produce high-quality mango kernel oil, a refining process is necessary.

The refining process typically involves degumming, neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization. Degumming removes the gum and other impurities from the crude oil using phosphoric acid or citric acid. Neutralization removes the free fatty acids using an alkali such as sodium hydroxide. Bleaching removes the pigments using activated clay or carbon. Deodorization removes the odors and flavors using steam under high temperature and vacuum.

The mango kernel oil extraction process involves several steps including separation, cleaning, drying, grinding, heating, and pressing. The resulting crude oil is then refined through a series of processes including degumming, neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization to produce a high-quality oil that is suitable for various applications.


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