The interesterification process is a random chemical process that is the most generally applied.

The best-known catalysts are alkali metals such as sodium, and potassium and their alloys and alkoxides such as sodium methylate or sodium ethoxide. Fatty acid neutralization and drying are, therefore, necessary before the addition of the phosphoric acid.

Mectech provides chemical as well as enzymatic Interesterification processes

The Process of Interesterification

Interesterification is a process that involves the rearrangement of fatty acids in triglycerides to alter the physical properties of fats and oils. This process is commonly used in the food industry to create interesterified vegetable fat, which is a popular substitute for partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

The interesterification process involves the reaction of fats and oils with a catalyst, which can be a metal salt or an enzyme. The catalyst causes the fatty acids to shift positions on the glycerol backbone, creating a new set of triglycerides with different melting points and crystallization properties.

Interesterification of fats and oils has several advantages over hydrogenation, which is a similar process used to produce trans fats. Unlike hydrogenation, interesterification does not produce harmful trans fats and does not require high temperatures or pressures. Additionally, vegetable fats that are interesterified have a more natural taste and texture compared to partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

IE process can be used to modify the physical properties of fats and oils for specific applications. For example, interesterified fats can be used to improve the texture of baked goods or to create spreads with a desirable melting point. This process also allows for the creation of fat blends with different melting points, making it possible to create products with specific functionality and stability.

In conclusion, an interesterification or IE process is a useful tool for modifying the physical properties of fats and oils. This process is an effective alternative to hydrogenation, and interesterification is widely used in the food industry for a variety of applications.

Benefits of interesterification of fats and oils

Interesterification of oils and fats offers several benefits, including improved functionality, increased stability and shelf-life, reduced trans-fat content, increased versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it is an essential process for the food industry to consider for its various applications.

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