Solvent Extraction

Solvent loss as low as 1.5 liters per ton
of material processed.

The strides made in solvent extraction technology are going to have a far-reaching effect on the extraction scenario - thanks to MECTECH.Following the shifting trends towards continuous type extraction Mectech has so modified the present state of extraction equipment that hexane loss is just minimal.

solvent extraction plant

solvent extraction

solvent extraction plant manufacturers

Solvent extraction plant comprises of the following:

  • Seed Preparation: Roller mill / Flaking mill / Cooker-Conditioner / Expander-Extruder
  • Roller Mill: Used in the preperation of oilseeds prior to direct solvent extraction.
  • Cookers-Conditioner: Designed to condition the seed for better extraction by heating and adjusting moisture content to optimum level.
  • Flaking Mill: Fitted with smooth rolls particularly suitable for flaking oilseeds or cakes prior to solvent extraction.
  • Solvent Extraction: MECTECH's belt type horizontal extractor, desolventising toaster, distillation system and heat recovery system are so efficiently designed as to give the best of performance in terms of quality of oil, quality of DOC, consumption of utilities and hexane loss.

solvent extraction process

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