Continuous Deodorization

Vegetable oil is heated to the desired temperature in a mul-compartment Vacuum Heater with counter current ?ow of vegetable oil and heang medium i.e. High Pressure Steam or Thermic Fluid.

Pre-heang is gradual and methodical so that all of the oil comes in contact with this sparging system at the free surface exposed to vacuum.

Packed Column with packings of large surface area is provided on the top of Deodorizer. This ensures reducon of Free Fay Acids to the desired level.

An addional top heang tray is provided below the Packed Column to compensate for the unavoidable loss of heat due to evaporaon of Fay Acids.

Perfect deodorizaon is accomplished by providing large free surfacing area contact between oil and stripping steam at an absolute pressure of 2 m bar. This results in furnishing oil surface layer of numerous bubbles having 5 10 mm diameter. These small bubbles burst and they discharge the water vapour saturated with dislled fay acids and the odoriferous compounds. These ascending vapours are immediately and freely taken out into lateral ducts through the large secon opening provided on top of each stripping tray. This ensures virtually no pressure drop from top to the boom tray.

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