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Glycerine Recovery Glycerine Water Treatment & Evaporation

Glycerine is a ubiquitous substance that is widely found in nature and has a broad range of uses ranging from Cosmetics to Food Products. Mectech has long experience in the Oils & Fats and Oleo—Chemical industry sectors which has long been associated with the production of Glycerol as a by-product. Plants executed by Mectech produce Glycerol by the following means — the Transesterification of Methyl Esters, from Fats Splitting and by Saponification which is used to produce soap.

The Glycerine / Sweet Water purification and evaporation allows maximum recovery and pre-treatment before evaporation to produce Crude Glycerine. The pre-treated sweet water is concentrated in Triple Effect or Quadruple Effect Evaporation systems under vacuum. The use of multiple effects reduces the requirement of steam.

glycerine water treatment

glycerine water treatment


  • Energy saving devices attached to Splitter reduce the size of Glycerine Evaporation Plant thereby reducing the overall consumption of utilities for the Sweet Water Pre-Treatment and Evaporationsection.
  • Multiple effect evaporation system is designed for Glycerine Evaporation which makes efficient use of Steam required for Evaporation.
  • The Condensate water from the System is collected and Recycled for Splitting.
  • The extremely efficient heating candles strip the last possible traces of Glycerine from the residue to maximum recovery.

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