Sun Flower Oil Refinery Plant

Process of Sunflower Oil Refining

After being extracted from sunflower seeds, crude sunflower oil is obtained post - multi-stage refining process that also helps attain the most favored qualities after removal of unwanted substances.

The following describes the multi-stage sunflower oil refining process:


The crude oil is neutralized as a first process, that primarily involves treatment of crude oil with alkali . Soap separation follows in order to remove soap from water. Hot water is subsequently employed to wash the soap separated oil that needs to undergo a drying process for obtaining the neutralized oil.

The steps involved are -

  • Conditioning
  • Neutralization
  • Washing
  • Drying

Continuous Bleaching

Trace metals, dirt, color pigments, phospholipids, polycyclic aromatic compounds and numerous other impurities are eliminated at the stage after neutralization.

The multi-step process involves:

  • Primary heating
  • Acid and bleaching clay mixing
  • Secondary heating
  • Bleaching
  • Filtration


Waxes and saturated glycerides, fairly visible at low temperatures are removed at this stage.

The bleached oil is cooled to achieve this, followed by slow & gradual filtration of the saturated glycerides.


This process involves:

  • De-aeration
  • Pre-heating
  • Striping
  • Cooling

The Mectech Advantage:

Sunflower Oil Refinery Plant by Mectech are custom designed employing leading edge state of the art technologies for effective, efficient and optimized functioning in order to generate maximal returns. The major advantages of Mectech’s Sunflower Oil Refining Plant are :

  • The Mectech plant is not only highly energy- efficient but ensures low cost of production for increasing probability of our customers.
  • The cost of handling the plants is very low owing to their admirably high efficiency. As the output is guaranteed to be of the highest exportable quality, generation of high returns is assured.
  • The bleacher is custom designed to eliminate mechanical agitation and optimize production processes.
  • The processes are custom designed to ensure less consumption of bleaching earth and power consumed leading to savings in each production run. Additionally, bleaching is achieved at optimal moisture conditions to further optimize the processes.
  • The cooling system and the crystallizer are also custom designed for attaining the process of nucleation at a high temperature extremely efficiently leading to process optimization and savings
  • The customized design of oil-to-oil heat exchanger and heating coil also ensures the minimal need for heat energy and preventing of charred oil, respectively.
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