Soyabean Oil Refinery Plant

As the taste remains unaffected, it is widely adopted as the preferred cooking medium. Moreover, Soybean oil finds increasing use in non- traditional Indian foods like shortenings, margarine, salad dressings, mayonnaise, imitation dairy and meat products, frozen foods and commercially baked foods whose consumption is growing exponentially, post liberalization . The Mectech advantage can ensure consistent and coveted returns year after year due to proven expertise and experience.

Mectech’s efficacious solutions that meld optimized technologies with support from an experienced team ensure competitive advantage and continuous growth in returns. A consistent record of collaborating with the client/customer at every level is the basis for delivering the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art technologies with inbuilt failsafe processes for optimized Soybean Oil Processing Plant Costs.

Refining Process Of Soybean Oil

The solvent extracted SOYBEAN oil undergoes refining process in a SOYBEAN oil refining plant. Once the process of refining is completed, the edible SOYBEAN oil is obtained.

The soybean oil processing steps are:


Crude soybean oil contains a relatively high concentration of phospholipids compared to the other vegetable oils. Degumming is undertaken to remove these impurities from crude soybean oil to improve its physical stability and facilitate further refining.

Gums Conditioning & Neutralization

The multistage process is as follows

  • The Degummed oil is first treated with phosphoric acid in a customized retention tank to convert non-hydratable phosphorus in to its hydratable form.
  • After completion of above process, the acid mixed oil is treated with caustic soda lye to neutralize the fatty acids and phosphoric acid. Which are separated in mechanical separate.


Bleaching is the process for removing contaminants such as color pigments, polycyclic aromatic compounds, dirt, traces metals, phospholipids and several other impurities.

The process involving multiple steps is as follows:

  • Heating
  • Mixing of bleaching clay and acid
  • Bleaching
  • Filtration

Continuous Deodorization

The last step is a physical process for removal of numerous volatile components. It is basically a vacuum stripping process which makes use of a stripping agent. The multi step process involves–

  • DE aeration
  • Heating
  • Striping
  • Cooling

After the deodorization process, refined SOYBEAN oil with enhanced quality is obtained.

Advantages of Mectech SOYBEAN Oil Refining Plant

Today, Mectech is the leader in the edible oil refining industry employing leading edge technologies to deliver extremely energy efficient plants. We have proven expertise in delivering Turnkey Projects for Soya Oil Refining as well as Plant & Machinery for Soya Oil.

SOYBEAN Oil Refining Multiple Advantages:

  • In the highly efficient Mectech’s neutralization process, neutralization of fatty acid is accomplished with minimal saponification and the phosphorous content in neutral oil is also very low.
  • The caustic lye mixer provides an outstanding contact amidst oil and caustic lye. This ensures the low consumption of caustic lye in entire neutralization process and leads to savings.
  • In addition, the variable residence time provided by the caustic and oil retention tank ensures the minimum loss of neutral oil.
  • The bleacher custom designed by Mectech is highly efficient as it does not require any mechanical agitation and accomplishes bleaching under optimum moisture for achieving perfect results.
  • In addition, our custom designed, highly efficient bleachers also consume low bleaching earth and also save the power consumed for running the process.
  • Apart from the bleachers, our oil to oil heat exchanger which is an eminent part of deodorizer is also uniquely designed for the consumption of minimum heat energy.
  • The fatty acid scrubbing recovery system has an efficient and elaborate design which ensures that virtually there is no carry-over of the fatty acid in the barometric condenser.
  • Heating coil is also very efficiently designed with the aim of preventing charring of oil.
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