Glycerine Distillation Plant

Glycerine Distillation Plant is broadly divided into three main sections section, distillation section and bleaching section.

  • The de-aeration loop consists of a re-circulation pump and heat exchanger. The pump circulates the crude glycerine to the de-aeration vessel and feeds de-aerated crude glycerine to the distillation column.
  • The distillation section is composed of various systems consisting off vaporization system, stripping system, rectification system, pumparound system and scrubbing system.
  • Bleaching section composed of two fixed beds of activated carbon. Distilled glycerine is cooled to bleaching temperature and then passed through the bleachers.

The bleached glycerine is filtered and then finally cooled down to storage temperature before discharging to the battery limits.

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Glycerine Distillation Plant


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