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Fractionation Plant For Palm Oil
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Dry Fractionation serves to separate by crystallisation the high melting point from the low melting point dry Glycerides. This, infact is a physical modification of the palm oil and is highly sensitive to temperature variation of the liquid at any moment of the process.

Salient features of MECTECH's Crystallizers for palm oil dry fractionation:

  • Large heat transfer area with regard to the oil charge in the Crystallizers i.e 10 sqm. per ton of oil.
  • Optimal position of the heat exchange surfaces with regard to the impellers and therefore to the oil circulation in the vessel.
  • All parts of the processed oil are really driven too close to the heat exchange surfaces. The cooling programme is accurately followed. At the end of each cooling step the temperature difference between cooling water and oil is close to 1'C.
  • The duration of the crystallization process for either the crude palm oil or the RBD is 5 hours for any size of cooler/ crystallizer from 2 to 26 tons charge.
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