Corn Oil Refinery

It necessitates corn oil refining through a range of processes to make it fit for end users.

Mectech leads has heralded a technological revolution through innovation and customization in the field of corn oil refining by setting up concept to commissioning corn oil refinery plants. Not only is the oil rendered safe and infused with taste and flavor through the processes of neutralization, bleaching and deodorization, innovations are embedded, into every process to ensure optimal returns. After being extracted, the crude corn oil contains phospholipids, free fatty acids, metal ions, oxidized products, color pigments etc. THAT IS REMOVED THROUGH The corn oil refining process.

The Refining Process

As the first step in the corn oil refining process, crude corn oil undergoes alkali neutralization . Subsequently several steps are needed to render it fit for human consumption including :

  • Neutralization
  • Bleaching
  • Winterization
  • Deodorization

Mectech focuses intensively at each step to render the product not only safe but infused with taste and flavor that ultimately attracts more loyal customers for greater returns.

Neutralization/ Degumming

In the first step, neutralization occurs by treating the crude oil with alkali. It is followed by soap separation. This soap separated oil is washed from hot water in order to remove any traces of soap and is later dried for obtaining neutralized oil.

The process requires further four steps as listed below :

  • Conditioning
  • Neutralization
  • Washing
  • Drying


Bleaching selectively eliminates pigments and impurities through the physical and chemical interaction with an adsorbent. This is done to achieve improved quality. The process is primarily utilized to remove color pigments, polycyclic aromatic compounds, dirt, trace metals, phospholipids and other impurities.


Through this process, higher melting points like saturated triglycerides and waxes are eliminated. The process is made to occur in a specially designed Crystallizer. Here, vegetable oil is cooled down in extreme controlled conditions to crystallize the saturated glycerides and waxes. This is achieved by employing normal and chilled water. Finally, this is then passed through a suitable filter where solid and liquids are separated.

De-Acidification Cum Deodorization

Deodorization is a vacuum stripping process in which a given amount of a stripping agent (usually steam) is passed for a given period through hot oil at a low pressure. The entire process is carried out under high temperature and vacuum low pressure . Sparging steam is continuously injected to remove. Free fatty acids and odoriferous compounds, making the oil fit for human consumption.

The Mectech Advantage

As the leading edge provider of corn oil refinery plants including Corn Oil manufacturing machine, Mectech embeds many advantages:

  • The entire process of neutralization is efficiently designed, employing customized equipment such that minimal saponification accompanies the neutralization of fatty acid. It also minimizes the content of phosphorous in the neutral oil.
  • The customized design of caustic lye mixer offers enhanced contact amidst caustic lye and oil. This ensures the minimal consumption of caustic during neutralization and cost optimization.
  • In addition, the caustic and oil retention tank is designed to provide a variable residence time ensuring minimum loss of neutral oil.
  • Mectech’s uniquely designed bleacher precludes mechanical agitation and the bleaching process is conducted in presence of moisture ensuring optimization.
  • Further, the design enables low consumption of bleaching earth thereby resulting in savings in power consumption.
  • Efficiently designed cooling system as well as the crystallizer ensures nucleation even at high temperature for optimal results.
  • The speed and design of agitators are customized by Mectech so that any mechanical disturbance in the process of crystallization is not possible.
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